[ON-DEMAND] Live Demo: PurpleLab HealthNexus Platform

On this 25-minute demo, we showed viewers how to utilize PurpleLab's platform for Market Sizing, Mx & Rx Patient Data, Site/Investigator Selection, and Commercial Strategy & Planning utilizing our reports functionality and our HCP/HCO Search. At the end of our demo, we showcased our SDOH capabilities with our Reject, Reverse and Dispense report. 

Enjoy easily navigating to what you'd like to see in the demo as we have bookmarked each section in the recording. 


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PurpleLab Live Demo

We saw a big problem. Getting answers from traditional data vendors requires so much time and expense that it is too difficult to use real-world data for optimizing daily decisions. That’s why we created PurpleLab - to deliver access in minutes and insights instantly. 

PurpleLab’s data-as-a-service gives you direct, frictionless access to a vast universe of real-world data in a platform that is “always-on” and available at the moment of need. 


Presenter: Shannon LaRusso

Director of Product Management & Sales Enablement

Shannon is the Director of Product Management at PurpleLab where she oversees product strategy, customer success and solution engineering. She brings over twenty years of experience in science, business intelligence and solutions for the healthcare industry and is passionate about changing the way customers access Real World Data.