PurpleLab's SDOH Data is

Driving Better Outcomes

Leveraging SDOH data provides essential insights into resource gaps and allows healthcare organizations to better deploy resources and create treatment plans that can best support patients.

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In this on-demand webinar with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we discuss how PurpleLab transforms claims data into actionable insights, positioning your organization to make more informed decisions, further advancing the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery. 

Actionable Data Made Easy

Combining SDOH data with de-identified healthcare claims data empowers organizations with insights-backed evidence to make strategic business and clinical decisions.


We all understand the importance of SDOH data for better health outcomes. With PurpleLab™, you can leverage SDOH, medical and pharmacy claims data to inform strategic decision making- identifying needs of care, holes in their network or where additional providers can make an impact.


Powerful insights to help...

Dive Deeper

Combining SDOH with claims data enables users to see trends and changes in healthcare delivery.

Resource Planning

PurpleLab data provides crucial insights into resource gaps, enabling payers and providers to allocate resources more effectively and improve patient care.

Engage Telehealth

Leveraging SDOH data helps identify care gaps that organizations can then improve via telehealth.

Overcome Barriers

Longitudinal data allows payers and providers to determine insights including potential physician or patient bias and develop strategies to support a diverse patient population.

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